Community Cooperative

Formation of Community Based Savings Group

The first Village Savings and Loan Association-VSLA group was formed in Birnin Gwari LGA of Kaduna state in 2016, with an expansion of additional 5 VSLA in 2017 and scaled up into other Communities..


Financial Literacy Training for Underserved Community members (Vulnerable women victims)

30 women victims affected/infected with the case of gender base violence were enrolled for enterprise development training and equipped with Financial literacy skills.


Expansion of petty trade for young Adolescent mothers

A need assessment was conducted for 25 adolescent mothers and young women, 15 adolescent mothers were eligible and were provided with materials that will aid the promotion of their business, a monitoring team(Trained volunteers) within the community were attached to them

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  • Established FAROF FOOD BANK PROJECT 2017
  • In 2016 300 women from poor households have been empowered with various vocational skills and start-up kits to improve their standard of living thereby enabling them to send their girl child to school.
  • In 2017 Trained 450 vulnerable women on vocational skills, which are cosmetology, tailoring, bid making, fish farming and shoe and bag production.
  • 450 vulnerable women trained on financial literacy in Kaduna state
  • Equipped 150 women with startup kits in Kaduna state
  • Expanded 75 women petty trade after need assessment by providing them with materials in Kaduna state
  • Established a saving scheme for 200 vulnerable women in Kaduna state
  • Establish a cooperative group comprising of 300 women membership in Kaduna state

Enrolment of Vulnerable women into the program

Vocational training for 50 Vulnerable women
FAROF conducted a 2-6 months vocational training exercise through apprenticeship for 50 women in Kaduna State, Nigeria. The aim of the training was to build HIV infected/affected young women on skills to improve their economic status in the society.Other impacts includes:

Establishment of:

  1. Child protection committee
  2. 5 Village Savings and Loan Association-VSLA committee
  3. Sexual Reproductive health and Rights-SRHR Committee
  4. Women right committee
  5. girl’s forum committee