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Community PMTCT & HIV Screening Exercise (IMPACT)
  1. Our Prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) programmes provide antiretroviral treatment (ART) to HIV-positive pregnant women to stop their infants from acquiring the virus.
  2. PMTCT services should also continue after an infant has been born – although this remains a major challenge to programmes – with early infant diagnosis at four to six weeks after birth and ART initiation within the first 12 weeks for HIV-exposed infants.
  3. PMTCT services, where implemented, are effective. Around 1.6 million new HIV infections among children in the world have been prevented as a result of these programmes since 1995.

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Our health Programs is designed towards Targeting key population especially young women & Girls,people living in disease hot spots location,Urban & hard to reach areas.



Community outreach for Young People Living with HIV/Prevention

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Health Programmes & Statistics

FAROF conducting HTS for AYPS in NYSC camp, Kaduna and FCT-Abuja State


Data collection took place in September 2011 by our stakeholders with the total of 836 respondents consisting of 430 men aged 15-64 years and 406 women aged 15-49 years. Data were analyzed centrally and are presented in FAROF report.

Our HIV Programmes

  • PMTCT and OVC Programs
  • Care, treatment and support
  • Stigma and Discrimination against People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)
  • Adolescent Health Project
  • Nutrition
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections STI
  • HIV Counseling ansd Testing (HCT) and HTC
  • Knowledge, Opinion and Attitude about HIV/AIDS

Community outreach for Adolescents and Young People in Northern Nigeria

Sexual Behavior
Overall, about 78% of female and 70% of male respondents had ever had sex. Among young people aged 15-19 years, 35% of females and 10% of males had engage in sex. The median age at first sex for all respondent aged 15-24 years was 15.8 years for females and 17.2 years for males. Of all the respondents who have ever had sex within the 12 months preceding the survey, 3% of females compared with 7 of males reported having had sex with more than one partner. 1% of females and 2% of males reported that they had ever accepted or given gifts or favors of some kind in exchange for sex..