Project Beneficiaries: Northern Nigerians


  1. Creation of wider awareness in relation to hygiene and sanitation
  2. Provide means of water supply
  3. Reduce the level of death rate due to infectious diseases such as typhoid and cholera
  4. Bring all members of the community together to join hands in providing a healthy environment through campaign programs on hygiene and sanitation
  5. Enlighten schools on the importance of hygiene
  6. Provide waste disposal bin to schools and health centers so that the state Government will help in the disposal of such waste to appropriate location
  7. Ensure that houses, road drains are free of debris or any form of waste through the collaborative effort of the community in the monthly sanitation campaign program
  8. To Ensure that all public schools have adequate child-friendly sanitation facilities, and hygiene education program


  1. Improved health condition of the entire populace on good hygiene in Northern Nigeria
  2. The goal of this project is to stop the spread of sanitation related diseases and dirty environment in Northern Nigeria by the year 2020.
  3. To reverse and stop the spread of water borne diseases and provide means of clean water  in Northern Nigeria.

Take Action Today & Save a Child live

Diarrhea and typhoid is the most serious of these diseases in Birnin Gwari LGA, alone killing 1,600 children each day in developing countries. More than half of diarrhea disease deaths are attributed to unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene.


This intervention approach will helps to fulfill a safe and healthy environment for children and care givers, and has been widely recognized for its significant contributions to achieving the MDGs – particularly those related to supporting primary education, reducing child mortality, improving water and sanitation, and promoting gender equality.

Community Hygiene and sanitation sensitization walk


Kano State

Kaduna State

Benue State.

Clean Water, Clean Environment, Healthy Africa

URBAN WASH Intervention

This project seeks to tackle one of the chronic epidemics that are silently killing lives in the northern part of Nigeria which include water, sanitation and hygiene. The aim is to mitigate the spread of waterborne and sanitation related diseases.

WASH Project Accomplishment in the year 2017

  1. Two (2) water source dugged in two(2) communities of Kaduna state.
  2. Renovation of 1 public school sanitary structure (Jibrin Maigwari Primary School) in Birnin Gwari LGA of Kaduna state.
  3. Community sensitization on Hygiene, ''Hand wash and safe water drinking'' community training to 80 Caregivers and 5 gatekeepers.

Funded by FGHIN and Community philanthropist