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Household food insecurity is a serious public health concern in Nigeria. as FAROF support women farmers, including corporative women groups with training on standard farming skills, storage and processing.

FAROF continues to advance community food security by helping families and individuals meet their need for a reliable source of quality food and sufficient resources to produce or purchase it.

One of our focus is addressing the root causes of malnutrition and hunger amongst vulnerable communities,

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Agriculture-reducing household food insecurity), Climate change and Enabling environment through farming

As part of FAROF Plans to sustainability and long-lasting solution to high quality nutrient dense food availability, through partnership with public-private business partners, FAROF supported farmers with biofortified seedlings, also provided seedlings to women farmers to engage in home gardening. 

The objective is to ensure community members have access and availability of high-quality food within their community all year round. We also engage community leaders to take lead in this intervention.



FAROF support farmers with capacity building programs, while adopting Training through local partnership approach, some focus areas of out training are: modern farming skills, use of technology, etc. These trainings improve farmers’ skills and knowledge in areas such as planting techniques, irrigation, pesticides, crop rotation, and crop storage after harvest. These skills enable farmers to improve yields, protect their crops against weather-related shocks, and smooth their incomes year-round.


FAROF seeks to strengthen her partnership with digital farming companies, farming communities and other Food and Agriculture Organization across the world.

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To ensure availability and access to vitamin A maize and orange flesh sweet potatoes, FAROF distributed seedlings to 25 community farmers through community leaders

Over 105 farmers, including mothers with malnourished under-five children trained on homestead farming techniques