Saving lives one at a time


Ongoing project implementation

1. U.S. Embassy Abuja Public Affairs Section (PAS), Project title: Empowering Marginalized Women as Entrepreneurs Through Vocational Education and Training skills (EMWEVET) in Nigeria

2. Philanthropist members of FAROF, Project title: Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights ASRHR Project in North West region of Nigeria ”Using ICT to fight HIV”

3. TY Danjuma Foundation, Project title: Emergency intervention to improve the good health and well-being of Buruku IDPs community in Kaduna state.

4. TY Danjuma Foundation, Project title: Strengthening Primary Health Care system for an improved Maternal and Child health (SPHEC-MCH) in Kaduna state, Nigeria.

See FAROF Food Project

2021 Achievements With the Support of States Primary Health Care Board and the TY Danjuma Foundation

  1. Sensitization 2,350 pregnant women, men/husbands on the need for ANC attendance and hospital deliveries to avoid complications that may arise during labour and delivery.
  2. 250 pregnant women with evidence of atleast 4 ANC visits were provided with delivery kits, The delivery kit contains sanitary items; methylated spirit, cotton wool and other basic items required for delivery, such as Misoprostol drugs (3 tablets) and Chlorhexidine gel to avoid/prevent postpartum haemorrhage PPH and neonatal infections respectively
  3. 25 Health Workers HW were trained on Emergency Maternal Obstetrics and Neonatal Care (EMONC).
  4. Emergency Transport System (ETS)-Ambulances were provided to Primary health Care facilities located in Hard to reach communities.

Provided 250 Long  lasting Insecticidal Nets LLIN to nursing mothers and its adequate usage

2020 Achievements with Funding from the US embassy, Abuja

  • Trained 25 Marginalized girls and women age 15-49 years old as Trainers on financial literacy skills
  • Mapped out marginalized communities in 3LGAs of Kaduna state, using google map (
  • Mapped out CSOs implementing Vocational Education training activities in the state
  • Strengthened the capacity of 25 CSOs/CBOs in Kaduna State to mainstream VET programs into their organizational activities.
  • Trained 25 Marginalized women on Business management skills, as an entrepreneur in collaboration with the Kaduna Business School and YALI fellow under the entrepreneurship leadership angle
  • Provided empowerment startup kits for 100 graduates of the vocational education Training program.

2019 Achievements Under the US embassy, Abuja Project ( a pilot project targeting 3LGAs in Kaduna state) and the FCT-Abuja survey report

    Established online map of marginalised underserved communities that can be accessed and leveraged by other development partners to avoid duplication of work.
  1. Identified relevant stakeholders, gatekeepers, community assets and available resources.
  2. Abuja IDP WaSH (KAP) Survey Report 2019
  3. Abuja IDP community Survey Report FAROF
  4. Developed Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning MEL Plan/Logframe, workplan, advocacy plan, and TVET training package.
  5. Developed needs assessment questionnaires to identified recipients eligible for intervention and entered into ODK tool
  6. The Advocacy, sensitization and consultative forum meeting with stakeholder and gatekeepers at state and community levels led to smooth entrance/break-in to the community and Project buy-in by stakeholders through the signed communiqués respectively.
  7. Identified intervention sites/ communities with high number of target beneficiaries (marginalized women).
  8. Identified 100 eligible recipients for VET programme intervention.
  9. Built partnership with Kaduna State Business school, National Open University of Nigeria, Kaduna state and other institutes, including computer institutes to register selected recipients to access  formal and non-formal VET system
  10. Increased number of persons enrolled into a formal VET system
  11. Increased number of Recipients enrolled to access apprenticeship  informal VET system
  12. Engaged 25 VET Trainers to train selected beneficiaries on varied vocational skills.
  13. Increased knowledge and understanding of VET skills among beneficiaries.
  14. Enhanced monitoring, evaluation, reporting and documentation system.
  15. Enhanced monitoring of programme activities. ‘’Developed a Weekly monitoring and reporting template for enhanced monitoring, evaluation, reporting and documentation system.’’



  1. Reached over 1000 adolescent boys and girls with Sexual Reproductive Health and Right information in Abuja IDP camp.
  2. Established a Sexual Reproductive Health youth friendly corner at Wassa IDP camp, FCT-Abuja.
  3. Provided educational support materials for two (2) schools at the internally Displaced Persons community at Abuja.
  4. Established a multipurpose cooperative society for over 100 women in Anguwan Kargi, Kaduna South LGA, and built their capacities on various areas such as; Financial Literacy, Menstrual hygiene management and Vocational Education Training VET
  5. Reached 2000 adolescent boy and girls age(10-23 years old) with HTS, and Menstrual hygiene management at queen Amina College, Kaduna.
  6. Trained 100 parents on better parenting skills at Wassa IDP camp, as a means to address the rising issues of child abuse perpetrated by parents.
  7. In partnership with Facebook, Google,  Divigate 360, Edubridge and Kaduna State AIDS Control Agency (KADSACA), trained over 50 Civil Society Organisation CSOs/non-governmental organizations on resource mobilization through the use of the digital platforms such as facebook, instagram, Google, etc.
  8. Established a 15 boys’ network as champions of gender norms and other gender related issues at Wassa IDP camp, Abuja.

IN 2017, FAROF Has:

  • Enrolled 1200 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) into her HIV care and Support programmes and provided various services for them.
  • Provided educational support materials such as sandals, socks, school bags, exercise books, textbook for 400 OVCs in Birnin-gwari and Kaduna South Local Government Areas (LGAs).
  • Empowered 300 women from poor households with various vocational skills and start-up kits to improve their standard of living, thereby enabling them to send their children to school.
  • Provided block grants through the renovation of schools, sanitary systems for 5 schools in North west Nigeria.
  • Reached 14,000 Adolescent and Young people AYPs with HIV testing services in 5LGAS, Namely: Birnin-gwari, Zaria, Kaduna south, Kagarko and Kaduna North LGAs, Kaduna State.
  • Trained 100 caregivers and community leaders on gender norms in Birnin-gwari LGA, Kaduna state, to equip them with knowledge and skills necessary to advance gender equality in their lives and community.
  • Facilitated the formation of 5 savings group in Kaduna North LGAs.
  • Implemented activities on END Child TB Nigeria, and report was published on TB global news.
  • Registered with three networks in Nigeria; NEWSAN, TB NETWORK and NACTAL for exchange of knowledge, information and resources to improve service delivery.
  • Trained 50 married adolescent girls on family planning to educate others as mentor mothers.
  • Trained 50 victims of GBV on entrepreneurship skills and provided start up kits.
  • Reached 19,800 people with HIV preventive messages and distributed 28,938 male and female condoms.
  • Reached 5 schools and a total of 300 caregivers with TB education.
  • 80 health care providers were oriented on PMTCT  and HIV/AIDS counseling
  • 150 TBAs were sensitized about PMTCT and referral to facilities
  • 1,200 pregnant women were counseled and tested for HIV.

2017 AYP Achievements

Established Peer to peer groups that create peer to peer Sexual Reproductive Health and Right SRHR sensitization by using Tell a friend (TAF) method .

  • Trained 23 mothers on Mothers to Daughter method (M2D), to educate their adolescents girls from age (10-19 years) on SRHR.
  • Through capacity building, established and strengthened the AYP structures in Health facilities, Ministry of education, and the local government emirate area to promote access to quality services .
  • Established three friendly condom collection sites for AYPs to freely access Condoms.
  • Over 12, 000 AYPs have been sensitized on HIV and undergone HTS, had received their results and know their status.
  • 21 AYPs were given escort service and access care, support and treatment.
  • FAROF has built a strong alliance with both the government ministries and the network of young people to campaign against stigma and discrimination to conduct  world AIDS day 2017 for Kaduna state.
  • Over 7000 young people reached with male/female condoms through the National Youth Service Corps scheme. It serves as one of FAROF most comprehensive youth focused intervention initiative in the northern west region, Nigeria. The coverage is expanding speedily through peer to peer condom distribution methodology.
  • Trained 10 corps member as demand creators for peer to peer condom distribution and reproductive health and HIV prevention orientation.
  • Community dialogue with relevant stakeholders in 55 communities has empowered members to make informed decisions and provide support to Adolescents and young people (AYP) infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • 31 AYP Household infected/affected trained on enterprise development and empowered are financially stable to fend for their families and access treatment.
  • Established 2 AYP supportive forum/group that helps AYPs affected/infected with HIV systematic manage their physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.
  • Family and society plays a key role to ensuring AYPs are center of focus and working together to enhance the reduction of stigma and discrimination.
  • Identified 400 AYPs who were living a risky behavior and could not access treatment or lost to follow-up are channel back to access services.
  • 12 victims of sexual violence were referred for psychosocial services and monitored.
  • 5 households enrolled into a savings scheme(village savings and Loan Association VSLA) are financially free.
  • In 2017 FAROF established a functional 3 stakeholders partnership forum aimed to provide an enabling environment for AYPs.

2016 Achievements

  • FAROF Management in 2016 established a unit for Adolescents and Young People AYP in order to coordinate the implementation of the national action plan.
  • Reached 155 communities with information on gender norms to equip them with skills to combat harmful norms that are detrimental to the girl child.
  • Reached 6750 pregnant women and nursing mothers with RDT, LLIN, ACT for the prevention of malaria.
  • Enrolled 2,230 Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC) into program and provided 1382 with the 6=1 services.
  • Graduated 148 OVC that were stable from program.
  • Trained 100 health facility providers on using ICT to combat HIV/AIDS.
  • Trained 130 caregivers and HIV Clients on Enterprise development.
  • Distributed 15,552 male and female condoms.
  • Reached 2230 OVCs with educational support materials.
  • Reached 3788 Adolescents and Young Persons with HTS.
  • Reached 2,780 general population with HTS.

2011/2015 Achievements

  • Empowered 2900 people from 10 communities in Kaduna State with ICT skills.
  • Been awarded a letter of recommendation by the National AIDS Control Agency (NACA), Nigeria for her excellent work in Kaduna state.
  • Reached over 900 young people through a capacity building symposium on health related issues focused on teenage pregnancy and abortion, HIV/AIDS.
  • Empowered 1170 families in Kaduna state on various vocational skills and enterprise development.
  • Empowered 13,800 children, women and men from 5 local government areas in Kaduna state with various vocational skills such as tailoring, fish farming, computer operations, soap/cream and perfume making, renewable energy, satellite installation and rudiments of recycling for improved standard of living.
  • Reached 20 schools in Kaduna, Abuja and Kano for sensitization on strategic empowerment program.
  • Develop an educative ICT project, registered with the copy rights commission for in and out of school children.
  • Empowered 250 women under the women development program through an advance business entrepreneurship workshop

Community Enterprenuership Training

Capacity Building Training For Community Demand Creators On Female And Male Condom Usage By The Ayp Senior Program Associate

Peer To Peer Training Session Of Young People On How To Use The Tell A Friend Method (TAF)

Capacity Building Of Role Models To Demonstrate Peer Group Supervision

PMTCT For Adolescent And Young People Ayp Partner Forum

Training Of Trainers In Hard To Reach Community As HIV Testers And Counselors