Improving the nutritional situation with local products

FAROF Continue to support interventions targeted towards locally available products. The aim is to find a sustainable solution through the use of tailor-made plans aimed at creating healthy habits.

Community Nutrition Assessment

FAROF continue to screen children who are malnourished through collaborative effort with community health workers. We engage Community Health Extension Workers CHEWs through the targeted Primary health care Centers to conduct routine screening exercise of acutely malnourished under-five year old children across targeted community using Mid-Upper Arm Circumference [MUAC] tape. FAROF also adopts the Family-MUAC approach, currently implemented in North West, Nigeria. Mother-MUAC approach trains mothers and other caregivers to identify early signs of malnutrition in their children using a simple to use Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) tape. The approach was developed with the objective of improving coverage of treatment services, detecting cases earlier and improving awareness on malnutrition.

Provision of RUTF, Wonder food and micro -nutrient powder to malnourished under-five children,


All the screened children with moderate  acute malnutrition were given food rations called Wonder food produced through the help of LUTAM Farms . Children with severe acute malnutrition with complications were referred to the closest Primary Health care  facility for stabilization and treatment of underlying infection, while those with severe acute malnutrition without complications were treated with Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF) at the community level. Mothers and caregivers were also educated to recognise when the child is underweight or not eating, and seek help early from their community health workers.

Food Demonstration


We Facilitate training for most at-risk vulnerable mothers with malnourished under-five children on how to use stable foods to make Ready-to-Use Complementary and/or supplementary Food (RUCF) for their children and to Prevent malnutrition in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

Research-Wonder Food


FAROF through Partnership with LUTAM Farms, produce a supplementary food called Wonder food, which was made from locally available food, such as vitamin A maize, orange flesh sweet potatoes, soya and groundnut.

Key findings:

34 children were treated using the wonder food, total recovery was achieved within 8weeks for moderate acute malnourished under-five child (10.5) using MUAC tape recovery was achieved in 6weeks at (12cm).

Parents confirmed that their children preferred the wonder food as to any other food, to the point that transitioning them to other food after recovery was a bit challenging.

Parents trained on the preparation of the wonder food, stands to serve as ambassador at their various communities

Nutrition Training of Health Workers

1275 women reach with micronutrient powder, RUTF and Wonder food

Over 2378 malnourished children recovered

Over 6245 mothers trained on food demonstration

About 135 frontline health workers (Nutrition officers) trained on essential nutrition and hygiene Actions