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                                                                  Increasing Nutrition and Food security in Africa

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Agriculture-reducing household food insecurity), Climate change and Enabling environment through farming

Nutrition Program

FAROF support community women farmers with biofortified seedlings such as vitamin A maize, orange fleshed sweet potatoes, etc and trainings on modern farming practices and storage, with the sole aim of addressing malnutrition and supporting mothers with malnourished under-five children, Pregnant and breast feeding mothers with access to high quality nutrient dense food within their communities.

FAROF works to prevent all forms of malnutrition by improving pregnant and breast feeding mothers, including children’s access to nutritious, safe, affordable, and sustainable diets. We support essential nutrition services that keep children and women well nourished. And we support children, adolescents and women with positive feeding, dietary and care practices.

FAROF implements her interventions through strengthening partnership with public-private partners (CSOs, private business sectors and even individuals who serves as third party consultant.

FAROF Continue to improve under 5-year Malnutrition and the Prevention of malnutrition in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers through the consumption of therapeutic food/Micronutrient powders and/or fortification of complementary foods for at least 10, 000 under-five children with evidence of Severe malnutrition in over 117 underserved communit

FAROF through Partnership with LUTAM Farms, produce a supplementary food called Wonder food, which was made from locally available food, such as vitamin A maize, orange flesh sweet potatoes, soya and groundnut