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An interview from Mr. Abdul, the Admin Officer of Rafinguza Primary health care center, an Underserved communities in the North West region of Nigeria.

This is an impact story from Mrs. Umma, a beneficiariy of the SPECH-MCH Project. after so many complications from home delivery. Watch her testimony here by clicking on this video

Hannatu Abubakar, a beneficiary of FAROF MNCH Project in Northern Nigeria. She is a mother of three, but lost the first child as a result of prolonged labour during home delivery, and it was difficult for to get transportation to the hospital, she gave birth to a still baby. She was not attending ANC during her first pregnancy because her mother-in-law said it was not necessary to attend, due to the complications she had in her first pregnancy she decided to convince her mother-in-law to start attending ANC. she was attached with the Ambulance donated by FAROF & TY Danjuma Foundation during her ANC… for more Click to Play Button (Watch on…)

Digitalization of young girls

An Impact Story on FAROF Community ICT training program. watch this video to know more…..

Fatima Salisu

Fatima Salisu, a beneficiary of the delivery kit and LLIN from Nasarawa community, testified of the impactful nature of the intervention, and commended the services rendered to her and the efficiency of the staff when she came to deliver at the facility. This is as a result of the training carried out by FAROF for healthcare workers in Kaduna State to ensure quality maternal and child health service delivery.

Fatima Hudu

Fatima Hudu is a beneficiary of the delivery kit and ETS from Farakwai village, Igabi Local Government Area, she is grateful for the delivery kit, initially she used fire to burn the baby’s navel to disinfect it but she got methylated spirit in the pack that she used and without the sanitary pad, she used rags which could result to an infection, the delivery kit has helped her a lot. She is also grateful for the ETS, she started labour at night, the driver was called and he came promptly and she was transported to the PHC where she delivered a healthy baby boy. She resides at the remote part of the village but the driver was able to get to her on time.

Husseina Umar

Husseina Umar is a beneficiary of delivery kit from Farakwai village Igabi Local Government Area, she has given birth to all her 7 children at home, and she had some complications during those deliveries. Her labour usually begins at night and it is very difficult for her to get to the facility at that time. With the provision of the ETS she had her 8th Delivery at the facility Level.

Binta Abdullahi

Binta Abdullahi from Nasarawa community is a beneficiary of the delivery kit and long lasting insecticidal net. She is grateful for the delivery kit given to her because, when she goes to deliver at the hospital, she is asked to bring a lot of items which she is unable to afford, she and other women in her community would rather deliver at home because they cannot afford all those items but with this delivery kit and the ETS she can go to the hospital when it’s time for her to deliver and she will be accepted with just the items in the pack.

Umma Kabir

Umma Kabir from Hayin Naiya, attends ANC at the Health Clinic NDC; she comes from one of the remote communities that utilize the clinic for ANC. She is expecting twins; the delivery kit she received from FAROF ease the burden of having to buy delivery items for her twins. She is also a beneficiary of the long lasting insecticide nets.

Lantana Udu

Lantana Udu, a 32 year old pregnant mother from Farakwai Village in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State, one of the beneficiary of delivery kits is a mother of 8 currently with her 9th pregnancy, lost 2 children after delivery, the first child died at the age of 5 from an illness while the second child died at birth and this was as a result of not attending ANC while she was pregnant, she said she did not attend ANC because her husband was not in support of her and refused to give her money for hospital visits. Through this intervention, she didn’t only gave birth at the facility level but, became an ANC referral champion.

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