Saving lives one at a time


Orphans And Vulnerable Children(OVC) Educational Project

Reach out to a child in need of quality basic education by distributing over 4000 Minimum standard educational materials to improve education in IDP camps and hard to Reach Communities in Northern Nigeria.

Reaching The Girl Child/Adolescent Girls With Quality Basic Education

Education is an important tool to improve the status of women and has been recognized as the fundamental strategy for development. No sustainable development is possible if women remain uneducated and discriminated.

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

The technological empowerment project is focus on female Adolescents empowerment through technology. we work both with schoolgirls and out of school women and get them interested in technology and to help them view it as a viable.

Impact Of Child Education

Orphans And Vulnerable Children(Ovc) Educational Project

Put every Girl Child first,promoting girls child education in Nigeria and Africa.

School Education Program

Reaching The Girl Child/Adolescent Girls With Quality Basic Education

Program Manager of FAROF, Sensitizing children in schools on the need of engaging in life building skills.

Child Support

Information Communication Technology

FAROF provided educational support materials to Out of School children in Kaduna and Kano State, northern west region of Nigeria.

Impact Of Child Education

Key Achievements

In 2016, We also reached 150 children with early education and 5 schools with educational infrastructure, and class chairs, tables and text books.

FAROF Girl Child Education Accomplishments

  • Provided educational materials (uniforms, writing materials, shoes etc) for 200 girls from vulnerable households.
  • FAROF has established girl’s forum committee which have counseled over 500 girls in and out of school to be enrolled and retained in school.
  • FAROF has provided block grants for the renovation of class blackboards, sanitary systems etc of 5 schools in Birnin-gwari community, Kaduna state.
  • 300 women from poor households have been empowered with various vocational skills and start-up kits to improve their standard of living thereby enabling them to send their girl child to school.

Farof Enrolled Out Of School Children(5-16 Years Of Age) Into School And Equip Them With Educational Support Materials

This initiative was funded by a grant from the CDC/PEPFAR Through FGHIN.

FAROF supports education programs for children in the classroom and at home, by strengthening the educational structure in communities.

  • We make sure that the Girl Child don’t stop learning during a crisis, and we help to keep kids healthy so they don’t fall behind or drop out.
  • We train teachers as trainers so as to provide effective teaching practices for the girl Child.
  • We train Caregivers and parents of girl children on parenting skills.
  • We introduce children to the power of artistic expression — drawing, painting, music, drama, dance and more — to help them heal, learn and do better in school.