Saving lives one at a time

Goals and Objectives

Our Goals

  1. To ensure the right of every child is protected and end any form of conflicts, Violence and exploitation in our society.
  2. To provide preventive measures to address HIV/STD, malnutrition and Tuberculosis by the reduction of new infection and Ensure timely access to high quality and safe treatment and support services.
  3. To ensure Disadvantaged Girls and Boys access high quality education.
  4. To promote good hygiene in underserved communities
  5. To empower marginalized women as entrepreneurs through agricultural practice, empowerment and life building programmes.
  6. To reduce hunger to zero level
  7. To reduce poverty rate and ensure that every community member are engaged in the implementation of our programs.

General Objective

To implement evidence based education, child protection, empowerment and health care programs and services in underserved communities of Nigeria.

Specific Objectives

  • Improving the educational system, health condition and well-being of people in local environments in Nigeria in line with global standards;
  • To improve food production and nutrition quality in underserved communities;
  • To provide good drinking water and sanitation service delivery to deprived communities in hard to reach areas;
  • To strengthen the economic system of women and reduce the level of unemployment, poverty and hunger in our society through Agricultural practice, empowerment and life building skills programmes;
  • Building capacity and establishing sustainable, scalable Education, Health, Empowerment initiatives and other development programs in a safe and conflict free environment;
  • To address the causes, preventive measure, support and treatment of opportunistic infections (HIV/AIDS,/STI), and promote sexual reproductive health and rights programs;
  • To put an end to gender based violence in underserved communities.