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Community ICT

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

The technological empowerment project is focus on female Adolescents empowerment through technology. we work both with schoolgirls and out of school women and get them interested in technology and to help them view it as a viable career option, as well as training older women in how to use technology. Children within the 10-13 years of age was inculcated January 2015.

Training Of Health Facility Staffs On Data Management

178 health staffs capacity increased in Kaduna state, Nigeria.

Farof Ict Students

Graduand of trained health staffs (staffs of Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital, Barnawa, Kaduna state, Nigeria).

Promoting Ict In Nigeria Through Trainings

Project Locations:

Kano State, Kaduna State, Benue State

ICT: Farof ICT Centre

ICT Forum: Training

ICT Lab: FAROF ICT Center at community level

ICT: Health Staff training (55 beneficiaries at health level)

ICT FACILITY Support the Team

Support the Team

Ict Capacity Training To Young Adolescents In Northern Nigeria

Project Goals: To train at least 25,000 young adolescents on the proper usage of ICT in hard to reach areas within communities in Nigeria in other to build a large network of Adolescents empowered with the professional skill of ICT .

ICT & Adolescents

There is a general concern that reaching adolescents in hard to reach areas will require more resources to be spent on technology and education infrastructure.
It has been discovered that ICTs is an important tool. But there is very little material and organizations addressing the current gaps..
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