Saving lives one at a time

FAROF Food Project

Distribution Of Rice

Participating in the Donation of Food items to refugees in Northern Nigeria (FCT-Abuja)

FAROF 10 Hectres of land, cash crop cultivation

FAROF Feed The People Project

Women Prepared meal for IDPs in Northern Nigeria (Kaduna State)

Our Achievements

FAROF FOOD BANK Initiative started on the 3rd October 2017, we have reached 25 households, especially women, malnulrish children and Internal displaced Persons.
We are building stronger alliance with community stakeholders to provide farm lands for farming and accepting farming as a business.
We have provided temporary employment to women through farming and  have carried out several humanitarian projects by providing food itemscommunities such as Rigasa, Birnin gwari, just to mention but few.

We are working hard to reach out to more household and seek to reduce child malnutrition by training care givers on how to prepare nutritious meals

Our Volunteers

We have established a volunteering plate form where ALL persons can join either through community farming or creating awareness through social media, sensitising people to engage in charitable project within their communities.

Your Impact

We encourage individual, organisation and business enterprise  to support this initiative in any of the following ways:

  1. Volunteering
  2. In-kind donations(Foodstuffs or sundry items)
  3. Monetary donation
  4. Any other charitable donations within your discretion

To join our Volunteering team kindly contact us through