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AYP HIV Prevention

FAROF is primarily focus on young persons living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. Worldwide, more than 10 million young people are currently living with HIV, and many lack access to treatment and care programs. Young people living with HIV (YPLHIV) are a diverse group, and their experiences and challenges vary, particularly between those infected as adolescents and those who were infected as infants and have survived with the help of increasingly effective antiretroviral therapies.

How was FAROF initiated and Why focused on Young persons projects

HIV Program AYP

Why we are focused on young people living with HIV?
Statistics has shown that greater increase of Adolescents and young person AYP are at risky behaviour and much attentions are not given to them, as such by 2030 Africa would has lost 45% of her youths to HIV/AIDS death rate.
Nowadays, HIV infected people can lead happy and productive lives, provided that they get tested on time, receive timely treatment and take good care of themselves. Yet, HIV positive young people are faced with various challenges. Professionals who work with them, such as us, teachers and programme implementers, are in a position to detect these challenges and to find ways to meet the needs of HIV positive youths.

Our Target Group:
Adolescents: 10-15 and 15-19 years old
Young persons: 20-24 and 25-30 years old

GOAL:  To reduce new HIV infections among adolescents and young people in Nigeria