Saving lives one at a time

FAROF Financial Education Program

Through partnership and support from other Business Learning institutes, FAROF works to increase financial literacy amongst marginalized young  people(age 15-45 year old), including people living with disabilities/people with special needs in underserved communities..
We also design new initiatives, while leverage on existing online programs and other Donor programs to boost our program implementation
Our Strategies can be regarded as campaign approach, which is made up of three vital components:

  • Partnership-joint effort with other learning institute and partners to impart practical skills and promote financial literacy as a skill to underserved communities.
  • Awareness. create long-term positive change in people’s money habits, while reaching the largest possible audience and continually remind people to consider their personal finances using trained models.
  • Sustainability. Our approach are results driven with a long term support and promote ownership by community stakeholders