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Gender Based Project

Community Playlet on gender equality

GBV Impact

Training 50 Mothers to reach their Adolescent girls with Sexual Reproductive Health Messages by Feyisayo Ogundare(Gender Response Officer)

  1. Guide FGM Resources
  2. Network of Adolescent Gender NAG
  3. Read 2015 Nigeria GBV ACT

Family Planning For Adolescent

Family Planning for Adolescent Girls

FAROF primary focus is to ensure that adolescent girls have access to safe family planning technique. Yet adolescent girls (15-19) years have little or no access to this services. This is due to lack of information on their SRHR and how to access family planning, fear of being judge by health service providers, cultural and religious norms. Lack of access to family planning results in some 76 million unintended pregnancies each year. Adolescents age 15-19 are twice as likely to die during pregnancy or child birth as those over age 20.

Specific Objective

Specific Objectives

  1. To increase Adolescent girls knowledge on thier Sexual Reproductive messages and awareness on their legal rights.
  2. To educate and sensitize the community on the issues of gender based violence and how it can be avoided.
  3. To improve women’s knowledge on types and extent of gender based violence and its consequences.
  4. To empower mothers and fathers with Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) Messages, whom in turn disseminate it to thier adolescent girls and how to response to gender-based violence cases.
  5. To develop women’s skills in enterprise development through IGA activities.
  6. To engage victims of Human trafficking as advocates group and to promote women participation in campaign programs as a tool for promotion of their rights.

Reaching Adolescent Girls And Young Women With Sexual Message & Family Planing Technique

Gender Base Project

Some of Our key Achievement for GBV in Igabi Local Government Area, Kaduna state.Nigeria

  1. 30 GBV victims where referred through escort team to health facilities for check-up.
  2. 230 people (Community Members) were reached with sexual Gender Base Violence SGBV related information  through sensitization
  3. 113 victims of adolescent girls were guided and counselled
  4. Added five (5) newly trained counsellors in the health facility on GBV Counselling Skills.
  5. 500 families/Care givers sensitized on children rights
  6. 20 families from victims of GBV were empowered on enterprise Development.
  7. Reduced cases of sexual gender based violence among individuals in the community
  8.  A community enriched with knowledge of human rights and exercise sanity in ensuring that everyone is given a chance to enjoy human rights.
  9. Trained 15 married adolescent girls to educate others as “Mentor Mothers” on family planning.
  10. Established 1 youth friendly centre for adolescent girls to freely access condoms
  11. Trained 20 peer educators to sensitize others through Me-to-you method on sexual and reproductive health.
  12. Established two health clubs in two schools to teach the young ones on sexual education.
  13. FAROF has built strong partnership with the Kaduna State Aids Control Agency, Nigeria, for easy access and reliable supply of condoms.
  14. FAROF has provided educational materials to encourage enrolment and retention for the girl child to prevent early marriage.

GBV Impact

Our Strategies To Eliminate GBV

  1. Advocacy
  2. Capacity building Workshops.
  3. Counselling
  4. Sensitization
  5. Building stronger alliance with Law makers

Our mission is to reach out to adolescent girls and young women(feminist groups), as well as form a consortium that will ensure the provision of free Education, Health service, empowerment and end Gender Base violence, that Are Sustainable, Replicable and Appropriate For Hard-To-Reach-Areas.

Our Vision is for a free and respected equalities of human rights and engaging Adolescent and young persons, especially females as decision makers that will affect their families and community positively and ensure provision of health care and Education services for the female child