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Women led CSOs Network is to amplify women’s’ voice in Nigeria

Women led CSOs Network is to amplify women’s’ voice in Nigeria

FAROF-Strengthening  capacity through Partnership (USAID-SCALE Funding in partnership with Palladium and WEWE)

FAROF-Freehearts Africa Reach Out Foundation who was selected based on merit to represent Kaduna state CSOs (North West region, Nigeria) in the 3 days organizational sustainability and resource mobilization capacity building workshop, towards the launching of the Women-led and women-focused network, which involves pulling diverse women led NGOs and women-owned businesses across Nigeria, through the USAID funding, Palladium International  and hosted by, Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organization (WEWE)

The objective of the women led CSOs network is to amplify women’s voice, through the various women led organizations, advocating for women’s and girls’ rights, particularly in issues related to gender-based violence, child marriages, and trafficking.

The network, which currently comprises of 198 member organizations, recently gathered 30 women led Pioneer NGOs in Abuja, under the workshop titled: 3 Days Organizational Sustainability and Resource Mobilization Workshop.

The workshop was aimed towards strengthening the institutional capacity of women-led organizations while ensuring their compliance for increased funding opportunities.


Workshop held at: Hawthorn Suites in Area 11, Abuja from the 26th – 28th of July 2023,

Speakers: The Executive Director of WEWE, Dr. Mrs. Josephine Ogazi, WEWE Trustee Member (Mr Saliu O. Olanrewaju), Dr Philip John Hayab (PFN-USAID program Manager), WEWE Staff (Barrister Sabina Abalaka and Mr Adewole Akeredolu)



Strategic Development Manager of FAROF (Mr Light Michael E. Adams) and The Executive Director of WEWE-USAID-SCALE Project, (Dr. Mrs. Josephine Ogazi)

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